A group of top global companies in energy, technology and finance have come together to back a new kind of energy storage company that’s poised to transform how modern grids are managed and optimized—Vionx Energy. Based in Massachusetts, Vionx is meeting a critical need in today’s energy storage marketplace: making the grid-scale battery practical, resilient and economical across a twenty-year time horizon.

About Vionx Energy

Though Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) has already been proven through decades of use in numerous installations worldwide, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has pioneered a breakthrough technology improvement to build a flow battery that delivers 2 times the power at a cost and reliability that was never before possible. Vionx Energy’s resulting Vanadium Flow battery brings together an 6-10 hour runtime with optimized storage capacity and long-term power output that’s highly competitive. And all at the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any grid-scale battery.

Led by energy storage industry veterans, with partner companies who have been at the forefront of technological innovation for over a century, Vionx Energy itself has also been built to last. In the coming years, we will continue to work with our utility, corporate, military, and government customers to build storage systems—and relationships—that stand the test of time.

What We Believe


We believe that taking a long view is critically important in this sector, and will bring greater value to our core customers—grid operators whose other assets (from transformers to wind and solar plants) are also built for multi-decade operation. A battery built for 6 – 10 hour runtimes and 20-year endurance additionally helps our energy manager customers build predictable cost plans, reduce maintenance, optimize grid performance, lower risk, improve safety, and ultimately establish long-term grid stability. This is what our “grid battery for the long run” is all about.

Having been in the energy storage industry for many years, and witnessing firsthand a host of unmet technological promises from new players entering this sector, we believe skepticism is both warranted and healthy. There have been too many boastful claims for utility managers to automatically jump at the “next new thing” in the hopes that it will work to solve the vexing problem of reliable and cost- effective energy storage.

This is why Vionx Energy, together with partners including United Technologies, determined that the market need today is not for something radically new, but a solution that optimizes a time-tested, proven chemical process in the form of Vanadium Redox Flow battery technology. Vanadium Redox Flow batteries have been in use for over thirty years. Our innovation simply made them work much more efficiently and resiliently at twice the power output at a significantly lower cost.

In our emerging industry, Lithium Ion grid battery technology has gained some traction for shorter runtime applications. Employing the same chemical process used to power cell phones, computers and electric cars, lithium ion batteries deliver proven performance. But as we all know from personal experience, our cell phone batteries don’t charge as well after a few years of use, ultimately requiring replacement. The same limitation holds true for grid-scale lithium ion batteries, with battery components consuming themselves over time and resulting in larger lifetime costs accrued for replacements every 7-10 years—a flaw also seen in lead acid battery technology. We believe that in a world where renewable energy is bringing new levels of sustainability to communities, that disposable grid batteries are an anachronism. Our Vanadium Flow technology does not degrade over time, providing an evergreen battery solution that’s more in tune with customers’ renewable goals.