Vionx batteries employ Vanadium Redox Flow chemistry, with a breakthrough optimization invented by our partner, United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Our improvements to time-tested Vanadium Redox technology have created a grid-scale battery solution that outshines other redox battery technologies, and is highly competitive with other long runtime grid-scale storage solutions.

X-FLOWTM Technology

Traditional Vanadium Redox Flow batteries employ a range of components that include tanks of anolyte and catholyte fluids and a power cell at the center of the system. How these fluids “flow through” or “flow by” the power cell is at the heart of system performance—and this is the area UTC focused their efforts. Their breakthrough was a new process improvement within the cell called the “Interdigitated Flow Field”, by which the most efficient flow-through and flow-by processes are integrated to generate a much higher power density (2X) at lower pressure. This increased power output combined with lower material costs now makes our Vanadium Redox Flow batteries extremely competitive when compared with other long-term grid battery options.

Unlike lithium ion batteries that degrade over time, our power cell maintains its full capacity over the life of the system.

The end result is a safe, long-running, affordable and flexible grid battery solution that maintains capacity over a twenty-year period.

Why the Long Run Matters.

6 -10 Hour Runtime. While a 1- 4 hour runtime battery can help manage short-term intermittency issues associated with the grid, our long runtime has the added value of providing resource adequacy for the entire day, improving grid reliability and resiliency.

Long Lifetime. The Vionx battery is designed to last 20 years, matching the lifetime of your renewable energy assets. Other long-term storage options require replacing 70% of the cost of the system after 7-10 years of operation. Our unique system, with fewer pumps and seals, translates into an operational and maintenance cost for Vionx batteries that’s only a few percent of the total cost of the unit—ultimately the lowest lifetime cost of ownership for any grid-scale battery.

Maintained Capacity. If your Vionx battery system discharges 3 MWh’s or 100 MWh’s when you first install it, it will discharge at the same performance level after 20 years. This predictable performance minimizes oversizing of the battery to meet customer performance requirements and provides customers with exceptional grid stability and peace-of-mind for decades.